"Timeless Treasures was born with the intent to make each customer experience unique"
- Mike Rubin, Founder

About Us

Timeless Treasures began as a side gig for founder Mike in early 2015 while working a full-time corporate finance job, and has matured into a full-fledge family affair in the years since.

From the early days engraving into the wee hours of the morning from his third floor walk-up apartment (not ideal for carting heavy beer mugs), to today’s triple unit warehouse, one thing has remained true: Mike’s commitment to creating quality items that he would be proud to gift his own friends and family with.

As we continue to expand products, designs, and warehouses, we can’t express our utmost gratitude to our customers, old and new. It’s with your support and loyalty that has allowed us to grow, and we look forward to continuing our journey while helping you celebrate life’s sweetest moments.


Frequently Asked Questions

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This glass is absolutely perfect...but what's even better is this shop's customer service. I placed an order last week & checked the package tracking. 4 days later, the tracking number showed that the item was never received at the shipping facility. I emailed the shop and they emailed me back with seconds telling me that the glass was already shipped and they were going to research it. They also offered to immediately ship another one to me so I would have it in time for the holidays. Furthermore, they also stated that if the first one ever finally arrived, it would be a bonus. They maintained constant contact with me over the past 12 hours, as if they don't already have enough to do while running a store throughout the holidays. Today the original glass came and it is absolutely perfect. THANKS AGAIN!!! – faithgayheart, Etsy
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